O’Gara Training combines its rich history and heritage with outstanding people and ever improving facilities to provide a customer experience tailored to their customer’s needs. Over the years O’Gara Training experience has taught them one very important lesson, its customers are the most important assets it has – and it treats them that way.


O’Gara Training traces its roots back to the early 80’s when its founders owned and operated O’Gara – Hess & Eisenhardt Armoring Company (OHEAC) built an armored vehicle for Harry Truman, then the President of the United States.


OHEAC expanded its operations and in the early 1990’s developed and built the Up Armored HMMWV for the U.S. Military.


The company was taken public in 1996 as The O’Gara Company.  Shortly thereafter the Company expanded operations overseas with manufacturing operations in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, France, Russia and The Philippines.


In 1997 the Company acquired its first training operation in Westpoint, VA. Through the acquisition of the International Training Institute better known as ITI, the Company began offering driver training and other tactical training services.


The Company acquired Kroll, Inc. and changed its name to Kroll-O’Gara. It expanded its training and services offering to include background investigations, pre-employment drug screening, site surveys, first responders for kidnap and rescue as well as mobile training teams.


In 2001 the O’Gara’s sold their portion of Kroll-O’Gara to Armor Holdings.


In 2003 the founders formed The O’Gara Group, the Mobile Security Division and the Training and Services Division. Since that time O’Gara Training has continue to expand its capabilities and facilities.


In 2006 they acquired the Safety and Security Institute from Virginia International Raceway.  Today this is our Alton, VA facility which is a WPS approved facility and provides O’Gara Training with capacity unrivaled in our industry when combined with our facility in Montross, VA.


In 2009, O’Gara Training broke ground on a green field site to develop the state of the art Montross, VA facility.  Since 2009 O’Gara Training has continuously added training venues, facilities, people and equipment to its Montross facility to make it the premier WPS and GATA compliant facility in the country.


O’Gara expands facilities to accommodate groups such as NGOs and corporation who need awareness training and practical exercises for dealing with high risk situations.