Montross, Va. (Dec 3, 2017) – As a direct response to the United Nation’s estimate that 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives, O’Gara Training and Services (O’Gara) has launched the Women’s Safety and Security (WSS) Program. For over a decade, O’Gara has operated from its Virginia-based training facility and deployed experts around the world to provide innovative safety, security and survivability training. With the launch of the WSS Program O’Gara is addressing a significant need for women in the U.S.

The WSS Program focuses on empowering women with hands-on training in situational awareness, firearm familiarization and hand-to- hand survival tactics. Developed and taught by women trainers with skills and experience in law enforcement, corporate security and military backgrounds, the Program is designed to “speak the language” of women to address their need for self-protection. The program was launched on December 1st through Dec 3rd at the O’Gara training site in Virginia with a pool of participants from as far as Colorado, representing various backgrounds and experience levels. The training was well received. Participant Pat Barbarwicz stated, “Superb workshop”. Ellen Duck, a participant from Northern Virginia, called the weekend course a “Game changer that was off the chain excellent!” Maura Blaul of Washington, DC. noted, “I learned real skills for real life scenarios, perfect blend of topics”.

As an added benefit, during the WSS sessions, the partners or spouses of the participants were able to utilize the facility trainers for weapons familiarization, emergency vehicle operations and leadership/team building exercises.

General Chuck Thomas commended the O’Gara Training Team on the successful launch stating, “The O’Gara trainers are the most qualified in the industry, and the nicest as well. This new program is top notch and will certainly be appreciated by women around the country. Congratulations to O’Gara on this very successful launch.”

Per Kelly Dollins, VP of Operations, “We are in the process of rolling out WSS in phases across the U.S. throughout 2018. The response has exceeded expectations”. For more information about the Women’s Safety and Security (WSS) Program contact: