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Posting On Social Media Can Be Dangerous

Social Media and Traveling: How your awesome Instagram Stories are actually endangering your safety while traveling. In the days of social media, it seems almost wrong to go on vacation and not post a million pictures of your adventures abroad, showing everyone what an amazing time you’re having. Posting shots of your day’s adventures, along […]

Building Acceptance for Aid Workers

Building Acceptance as a Key Safety Measurement for Aid Workers: Key Components There was recently a situation in one community in East Africa where a conflict between two groups had escalated to the point where both groups had armed themselves, with the military on standby. However, instead of breaking out into violent conflict, both groups […]

Country Security Profile: Pakistan

What should you know before traveling to Pakistan? One of the keys to being safe while providing aid overseas is knowing about the country you will be working in. As part of our effort to help keep our valuable aid workers safe, O’Gara has decided to publish articles focused on the security concerns of the […]

Airport Safety Tips For The Summer Travel Season

As summer gets into full-swing, more and more people will begin traveling for their yearly summer vacations, crowding airports and highways on their way to enjoy some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, this also means that criminal activity at airports will be on the rise as well. Airports are what we would call a “target […]

Safety While Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be one of the most exhilarating experiences that you can have – but it can also be one of the most dangerous. According to statistics from the US State Department – which you can read about in more depth over at Forbes –  843 Americans died abroad from non-natural causes in 2016. […]

Do Aid Workers Need Safety Training?

The idea that groups of individuals who have dedicated themselves to helping those in dire need of humanitarian assistance could become the target of violence is hard to fathom, and yet, it is a harsh reality that we must all face. In 2016, there were 158 major attacks on aid operations, with 101 workers being […]