O’Gara empowers individuals and organizations to mitigate risk and respond to threats in a complex world by providing innovative safety, security and survivability training.

The O’Gara Group provides products and services to a worldwide market comprised of governments, militaries, corporations and individuals seeking to more effectively protect and preserve lives and assets.

O’Gara training provides:

  • Comprehensive anti-terrorism, force protection, and tactical training for U.S and international militaries, as well as federal, international, state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • A broad range of solutions designed for the NGO community
  • Pre-deployment (travel), Active Shooter and Personnel Security Detail training as well as Security Assessments and Administration/Staff Policy Development & Exercises for Corporations, Institutions and Organizations; and
  • Individual training designed to empower individuals to take an active role in their own safety and security.

Our expert staff is comprised of former military and federal law enforcement and security professional  personnel with excellent reputations for being subject matter experts in their fields. Our team possesses unmatched operational experience, expertise and proven training management ability. Many of our personnel served as members of elite Special Operations Forces. Others come from federal law enforcement agencies and corporate or NGO security staffs with unique areas of expertise.

O’Gara delivers world class training at any client’s location and currently operates cutting edge tactical training facilities in Montross VA and Alton VA. Each facility features unique terrain, capabilities, and amenities. World-class instructors provide advanced driver’s training, force protection, convoy operations, close quarters battle, marksmanship and advanced sniper training for both short and long range weapons. Each facility provides comprehensive security training which exceeds most requirements for military and security training.