Major General (Ret) Charles William "Chuck" Thomas congratulates O’Gara on Launch of Women’s Safety and Security Program

Montross, Va. (Dec 3, 2017) - As a direct response to the United Nation’s estimate that 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives, O’Gara Training and Services (O’Gara) has launched the Women’s Safety and Security (WSS) Program.

O'Gara Announces Facility Expansion

O’Gara expands facilities in multiple locations including Fairfield, OH and Chantilly, VA.

O'Gara Training Hosts Beretta (VIDEO)

O’Gara chosen by Beretta to host Tactical Summit 2.0 event.

O’Gara Training - A fully loaded facility! (VIDEO)

Evin Prelec experiences tactical training with the O'Gara Group while at VIR. Watch as she handles a M4 rifle, a 9mm handgun, a M1 with a grenade launcher, a RPG (rocket propelled grenade), a 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buckshot, and defensive driving.

Beretta Tactical Summit

“O’Gara employs some outstanding driving instructors, as good as I have ever seen. It is amazing how fast and agile the old-school Crown Vic with the police package performs. I teamed up with Guns & Ammo editor Eric Poole, who has played this game before as well, for my driving partner. Somehow we managed not to total our car, though one of us did skid off the track in a 720-degree turn.” - Clay Martin (

Training With the Best (VIDEO)

Check out our brand new Training With the Best! Video featuring our top instructors going over some advanced driver training.