Maritime Operations

Maritime Operations

The O’Gara Training Facility in Montross, VA has the unique advantage of access to a deep water training location just 3 miles away from our main facility. There we have the ability to train divers, as well as an offshore structure that enables us to a variety of maritime operations, such as response to terroristic or pirate threats.

Training Includes:

  • Port and Harbor Security

  • Maritime Mobility Operations

  • Tactical Boat Operations

Driving (Defensive)

Driving (Defensive)

Our Defensive and Evasive driving course (based off of our experience working on the Worldwide Protective Services contract) is designed to educate students on evasive driving concepts, skid control, and accident avoidance. Students will utilize both our improved driving course and our skid-pad to learn those skills necessary to effectively drive in compromised situations. We place particular emphasis on ensuring students can understand feedback from the vehicle while driving and developing intuitive skills while driving

Skid Pad

Our 300' x 300' skid pad has a specialized coating that allows us to obtain skid conditions at a lower speed enhancing the safety profile of our skid pad. We have also added an ABS/non-ABS braking area for accident avoidance training.

Off-Road & Unimproved Courses OTF-M

Our Off-Road & Unimproved Courses OTF-M provides miles of unimproved and off-road courses with varying degrees of difficulty to our customers. We have incorporated a separate "off-road obstacle" area that includes extreme ascents/descents, tipping points ...

Paved Road Course

Engineered and designed from the start with safety in mind, our newly built paved road course has been professionally designed to be technically challenging with multiple course configurations. We consulted with professional track designers, builders, IMSA and SCCA racecar drivers to ensure these results.

Explosives Training

Explosives Training

O’Gara has a unique methodology and curriculum that employs proven advanced techniques to greatly enhance a Bomb Squad’s Improvised Explosive Device disablement ability.

IED Training Aids

O'Gara understands the significance of deploying realistic IED Training Aids tailored to your actual operating environment. Our professionals design, assemble, and deploy training aids using basic to advanced technologies required to replicate threats used in current hostile environments. ...

Advanced EOD Training

Our instructors are some of the highest qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel in the world. We have conducted thousands of hours of U.S. Navy EOD, Department of Energy, National Laboratory, and Department of Defense training on all aspects of Improvised Explosive Devices.

Tactical Mobility

Tactical Mobility Training

Tactical mobility is a fundamental requirement to successfully operate in any battle space. Comprehensive training is paramount to overall mission success and must be conducted prior to deploying in hostile environments. Our subject matter experts deliver training that range from basic movement to advanced multi-platform delivery/recovery techniques. We work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate level of training and tailor the curriculum to meet each unit’s unique requirements.

Training Includes:

  • Mobile Force Protection

  • Mounted Patrols / Convoys / Escorts

  • Airborne Insertion / Extraction

Special Tactics Training

Special Tactics Training

We provide full spectrum tactical training. O’Gara works closely with the client to design training programs or courses that meet the client’s specific requirements. We train armed professionals the skills, tactics, techniques and procedures required to successfully perform their mission in a high-risk and/or hostile environment. This training enables the individual to accomplish the mission, survive and win.

Training Includes:

  • Urban Warfare Tactics (CQC/CQB)

  • Hostile Environment Awareness

  • Firearms and Marksmanship Training

  • Maritime Operations

  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance