Tactical Mobility

Tactical Mobility Training

Tactical mobility is a fundamental requirement to successfully operate in any battle space. Comprehensive training is paramount to overall mission success and must be conducted prior to deploying in hostile environments. Our subject matter experts deliver training that range from basic movement to advanced multi-platform delivery/recovery techniques. We work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate level of training and tailor the curriculum to meet each unit’s unique requirements.

Training Includes:

  • Mobile Force Protection

  • Mounted Patrols / Convoys / Escorts

  • Airborne Insertion / Extraction

Special Tactics Training

Special Tactics Training

We provide full spectrum tactical training. O’Gara works closely with the client to design training programs or courses that meet the client’s specific requirements. We train armed professionals the skills, tactics, techniques and procedures required to successfully perform their mission in a high-risk and/or hostile environment. This training enables the individual to accomplish the mission, survive and win.

Training Includes:

  • Urban Warfare Tactics (CQC/CQB)

  • Hostile Environment Awareness

  • Firearms and Marksmanship Training

  • Maritime Operations

  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance