Driving (Accident Avoidance)

The O’Gara Accident Avoidance course provides drivers with an opportunity to learn how to maneuver when encountering highway emergencies. More advanced than defensive driving, this course teaches proper techniques for encountering anomalies on the road, and enhances driver safety in all types of conditions.

Skid Pad

Our 300' x 300' skid pad has a specialized coating that allows us to obtain skid conditions at a lower speed enhancing the safety profile of our skid pad. We have also added an ABS/non-ABS braking area for accident avoidance training.

Paved Road Course

Engineered and designed from the start with safety in mind, our newly built paved road course has been professionally designed to be technically challenging with multiple course configurations. We consulted with professional track designers, builders, IMSA and SCCA racecar drivers to ensure these results.

Off-Road & Unimproved Courses OTF-M

Our Off-Road & Unimproved Courses OTF-M provides miles of unimproved and off-road courses with varying degrees of difficulty to our customers. We have incorporated a separate "off-road obstacle" area that includes extreme ascents/descents, tipping points ...