Off-Road & Unimproved Courses OTF-M

Our Off-Road & Unimproved Courses OTF-M provides miles of unimproved and off-road courses with varying degrees of difficulty to our customers. We have incorporated a separate “off-road obstacle” area that includes extreme ascents/descents, tipping points, straddle trench, stair climb, rock crawl, sand pit, mud pit, confined area negotiation, and a suspended log bridge. This allows the student to gain confidence in their off-road equipment on flat land obstacles before negotiating the beginner, intermediate, and advanced off-road areas. Our unimproved road course includes varying surfaces (dirt, gravel, shale) mimicking road conditions experienced worldwide. Combine this with a variety of terrain, constant radius turns, increasing and decreasing radius turns, change in elevations, high speed straight-aways and you have a truly exciting and challenging course.