Paved Road Course

Engineered and designed from the start with safety in mind, our newly built paved road course has been professionally designed to be technically challenging with multiple course configurations. We consulted with professional track designers, builders, IMSA and SCCA racecar drivers to ensure these results. This vast history and experience in the sport of racing combined with our expertise in tactical driving has produced a truly unique, purpose built course. The full course is a 1.3 mile adaptable high speed pursuit course equipped with straightaways, flat sections, uphill and downhill sections, section suitable for 90+ MPH emergency speeds, uphill turns, downhill turns, constant radius turns, increasing and decreasing radius turns, flat turns, negative and positive camber turns, S-turns, and two turns that can be constantly covered with water. We have also added a four lane straight-a-way for emergency vehicles and lane changing control drills.

In November of 2010 our paved road course was certified to conduct Department of State training. To date we have run numerous courses for different clients with rave reviews from instructors, students, clients, and government officials.