Vulnerability Assessment Training

O’Gara staff have a wealth of real-world experience with Intelligence, Security and Law Enforcement, Public Health, Emergency Management, EOD, WMD, CBRNE, Counter-terrorism, etc. We hold numerous nationally-recognized assessment certifications such as: DHS ACAMS, HLS-CAM, CARVER, RAM-W, RAM-C, RAM-CF, HFSAI (developed by O’Gara for the U.S. Healthcare Sector), and R-4 (developed by O’Gara to incorporate Risk, Readiness, Response and Recovery).

Our staff members have conducted several-hundred Comprehensive, All-Hazard Threat, Security, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments worldwide. In particular, O’Gara has performed hundreds of security assessments for Critical Infrastructure-Key Resources (CIKR), including Hospitals, Schools & Universities, Government Facilities, Transportation Systems, Stadiums/Arenas, Water/Wastewater Plants, IT Centers, Food Manufacturing Plants, US Embassies & Consulates, etc. Our team combines real-world, hands-on experience with proven methodologies to provide the most accurate assessment possible. Our CIKR experts are some of the most qualified individuals in the world with experience ranging from former U.S. Intelligence Agencies, U.S. Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Defense, and the Secret Service.